It is also an enterprise that, taking into account the constant development and modernity of our country, operates in accordance with the standards of new technologies, expands its experience and trains many specialists. LLC "RICON" has successfully passed the audit of the  AZSTAND "Azerbaijan Standardization Institute" certification company and received certificates: İSO 9001:2020, İSO 14001:2021 və İSO 45001:2021

our services:

Rental of construction equipment

Over time, urban planning culture is multiplying in Europe. The growth of the construction sector leads to an increase in some of its needs, one of which is machinery. The rental of various types of construction equipment and vehicles that you need, in accordance with the requirements of modern standards, is carried out by Ricon MMC. Save your time with us.


The extensive experience and knowledge in this area that we have gained over the years of work, today gives us reason to say that we are one of the leading companies that takes on all types of projects in this area.

Landscaping and landscaping services include:

• Improvement and landscaping of urban areas.

• Construction of parks.

• Installation of park accessories and decorations (benches, gazebos, arches, sports elements, children's entertainment equipment)

• Landscaping and landscaping of private gardens.

• Vertical layout of the territory.

• Decorative covering earth (tamet, marble, granite, aglay)

• Creation of winter gardens (covered structure, heating)

• Design, selection and planting of plants.

• Installation of automatic irrigation and drainage systems.

• Lighting

The professional use of available modern technologies, the availability of the necessary tools, as well as the skills and experience of our employees allow us to implement projects of any scale.


Greenhouse - "RICON" LLC has been working in this field in Azerbaijan for more than 10 years. Installation of various types of automated greenhouses in accordance with the requirements of the latest standards. "Ricon" LLC has been cooperating for several years with companies that occupy a high share of the global market in this area. It leads the market both in terms of technology and in terms of materials. Our priority is customer satisfaction. The high quality of your greenhouses is important for you to save money in the future.


Carrying out works on the construction of communications and networks in accordance with modern requirements. Our company offers you to plan this work perfectly and carry it out by experienced specialists. We have also acquired several partnerships through outdoor MEP engineering work.


"Ricon" LLC has been working in the field of oil and gas refining for more than 10 years. Due to the high quality of service, he already cooperates with certain companies that have a share in the Azerbaijani and world market. "Ricon" LLC organizes installation and insulation of pumps, compressors, boilers, pipelines in the field of oil and gas refining.

Reclamation works

Land reclamation is a radical improvement of land through hydrotechnical, cultural and technical, chemical, agro-ameliorative, agrotechnical and other measures.

The "Ricon" LLC company offers you to develop, install and carry out earthworks of hydraulic structures in accordance with modern requirements.

Preparation and installation of fuel tanks

"RICON" LLC performs work on any project in accordance with the latest requirements within the established standards in this area. Based on the work we have done, our company offers the manufacture and installation of oil, fuel oil, fuel and cement tanks (Tanks) of any volume. We offer you quality work as well as environmental friendliness through excellent work planning and experienced professionals.

In addition, our company has been insulating tanks (reservoirs), gas tanks, main and process pipelines according to modern standards for more than 15 years.


Our company provides preparation, painting and installation of metal structures for industrial facilities, large warehouses, as well as civil facilities such as stadiums, shopping and entertainment centers. We professionally perform factory assembly and installation on the construction site of all types of objects (welded or bolted), regardless of height and width.

The metal structure of the material can be metallic or structural, while the material is more durable. If you need ready-made projects, you can use these projects.
In a building under construction, the possibility of change is very difficult, but the metal structure allows unlimited movement and change. The moving area is extremely wide, even the installation area can be changed and moved. Physical changes, such as enlargement or reduction of the design, can also be easily made thanks to the design. This provides freedom and comfort in the architecture of the building.
Why are metal structures preferred?

• Due to the high resistance of the metal, the structure of the metal structure is stronger and more durable.

• Superior performance such as faster installation and ease of assembly compared to structures such as concrete and wood.

• Easily adapts to any climate, region and terrain.

• The influence of weather conditions on the construction phase is minimal. These buildings can be built at any time of the year.

• Provides ease of use and long life.
• Prices for metal structures are more affordable than for structures made of other materials.

• Due to the elasticity property of metal structures, collapse does not occur even when shaken during destructive natural disasters such as earthquakes and earthquakes.


The construction company "RICON" LLC specializes in the field of construction, carrying out the reconstruction, construction and restoration of industrial, civil and public facilities in accordance with modern standards. For 20 years of our activity, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner, a responsible general contractor and have taken a leading position in the construction market of Azerbaijan.

We carry out a full range of construction works and services. The goal and commitment of our company is not only to provide the highest standards, but also to build mutually beneficial relationships.
Our construction crews are experienced professionals with many years of experience in the construction industry, who are constantly improving the technological process of construction. We require from foremen, foremen and workers to follow working drawings, high qualification and labor discipline. Buildings constructed by us meet all necessary requirements of quality and reliability standards.

Our company works both on projects "from scratch" and on the reconstruction of existing buildings and structures. We are ready to supervise construction projects of any type and purpose, willingly cooperating with commercial, municipal and state structures.

Offering optimal working conditions with the use of technological equipment, established cooperation with the largest suppliers of materials, as well as working with our professionals - lead to a result with an effective outcome and with minimum lead time.